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    Abbotsford optometrist elected to council of B.C. Association of Optometrists

    Vancouver, June 9, 2008 – The B.C. Association of Optometrists elected Abbotsford's Dr. Surjinder Sahota as a councillor to represent optometrists in the Greater Vancouver region. Dr. Sahota was elected for a one-year term during the association's annual general meeting on June 8.

    Dr. Sahota says she's passionate about two eye health issues in particular. “A lot of people who have 20-20 vision assume everything is fine – but you could have a silent blinding disease you may not be aware of until it's too late. As well, a lot of parents don't think their child has a vision problem, but we discover in their child's first regular eye exam that one eye is doing all the work. If that's not caught early enough, they can have permanent vision loss,” says Dr. Sahota.

    The B.C. Association of Optometrists represents 460 optometrists working in 102 communities throughout the province. Among optometrists, the association strives to maintain the highest standards of professional skill and knowledge. Among the public, it actively promotes eye health awareness and strives to be a vigilant voice on issues affecting the eye care and general health of all British Columbians.

    Optometrists specialize in examining, diagnosing, treating, managing and preventing diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and related structures. Children need to have their eyes examined by six months, at three years, before school entry and regularly thereafter. Adults 19 to 64 should have an eye exam every two years. People with diabetes or age 65 or older should have an exam at least once a year.

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