Board of Directors

The BC Doctors of Optometry Board consists of Doctors of Optometry who are elected by Association members. The Board appoints the provincial CAO representative who sits on the CAO council and who participates at Board meetings in a non-voting capacity.

The Board meets approximately four times a year. BC Doctors of Optometry staff implement the policies and directives resulting from these meetings and assist Board members as required.

2016 Officers:

Dr. Gurpreet Leekha – President
Dr. Henry Reis – Vice President
Dr. Sherman Tung – Past President
Dr. Brent Allen – Treasurer
Pria Sandhu – Chief Executive Officer

2017 Directors:

Dr. Abigail Asirvatham
Dr. Errin Bligh
Dr. Amanda Farley
Dr. Liseann Head
Dr. John Kim
Dr. Johnathan Lam
Dr. Cameron McCrodan

CAO Representative:
Dr. MIchael Dennis