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    BC Doctors of Optometry launch video website to improve access to vision and eye health information and services provides video “house calls” featuring local doctors of optometry

    Vancouver, April 6, 2011 – The B.C. Association of Optometrists today announced the launch of a new website to help promote and preserve the eye health of British Columbians. features university-trained doctors of optometry from around the province who answer questions about vision and eye health through video.

    “Our goal is to provide the information British Columbians need to protect and care for their vision and eye health,” says Dr. Surjinder Sahota, newly elected president of the association. “We’re reaching out to patients where they are, and making it easy for them to access the expertise of B.C. eye doctors in between their regular appointments. It’s a video house call of sorts,” says Dr. Sahota.

    Examples of the videos on BC Doctors of Optometry website include: “What kind of problems can I get if I wear contact lenses?”, “How often should an adult have their eyes examined?” and “What vision problems can be detected by an eye exam? If your question is not already answered through video on the site, you can submit your question on the Ask a Doctor of Optometry Facebook page, and a BC Doctor of Optometry will respond promptly, typically within 24 hours. New videos topics will be added on an ongoing basis from other eye doctors throughout B.C. The videos – which are also accessible through Facebook, YouTube and other popular video hosting sites – cover everything from blurry vision to children’s vision problems, age-related eye diseases, eye medications, emergency eye care and more.

    Dr. Sahota says many health consumers are not aware of the full spectrum of eye care provided by BC Doctors of Optometry. For example, if you have an eye-related emergency – something in your eye, an impact to the eye, a sudden vision change or eye pain – doctors of optometry can assess and treat it. If the problem detected requires other types of specialists, doctors of optometry are able to make referrals.

    “Don’t assume the problem will go away or heal by itself. The sooner you have it examined, the better,” says Dr. Sahota.

    As BC Doctors of Optometry, optometrists provide a full range of vision and eye health care, including comprehensive eye exams, vision correction, disease detection, treatment and eyewear. BC Doctors of Optometry are your first stop for comprehensive, doctor-delivered care. To book an exam, get treatment, buy eyewear or Ask a Doctor of Optometry, visit


    For information, photos or to request an interview with a BC Doctor of Optometry contact:
    Rhonda Trenholm or Jeannine Bartz, media relations, 604.623.3007