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Eye problems? Call a Doctor of Optometry first – Today’s Parent

When eight-year-old Matthew woke up with a red, painful eye one Saturday morning, it didn’t occur to his mom, Heather Coffin of Vancouver, B.C., to take him to a Doctor of Optometry. A few days after starting antibiotic drops, it looked like Matthew’s symptoms were improving, but he still complained that his eye felt scratchy and sore.

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Thinking about contact lenses? See a Doctor of Optometry –

Contact lenses can be worn to improve vision (and help you say goodbye to glasses!) but they can also be worn without prescription, to change your eye colour. Dr. Virginia Donati, a Doctor of Optometry, has fit hundreds of patients for soft and rigid contact lenses of all kinds, and is a fan of contacts, whether they’re worn for vision or style.

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Optometrist Honoured – North Shore News

North Shore resident, Dr. Antoinette Dumalo is the recipient of the B.C. Doctors of Optometry 2015 President’s Award.

Dumalo has served patients on the North Shore for 32 years. In addition to being president of the B.C. Association of Optometrists for two years, she also worked on the association council and the board as it transitioned to a voluntary society and chaired the task force that generated the association’s new bylaws.

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BC Doctors of Optometry Optometrist of the Year Award – Cowichan Valley Citizen

Cowichan Valley’s Dr. Trevor Miranda is the winner of the BC Doctors of Optometry Optometrist of the Year Award.

Miranda has been a strong advocate of the profession for many years, promoting optometry within the community. Miranda, known at his clinic for implementing the “dry eye bootcamp” at his office to provide patients with therapy for chronic dry eye, has worked tirelessly in his career to serve his patients both locally and globally. Miranda is an active member of the Third World Eye Care Society where he works to help improve the vision of those less fortunate. His practice was also one of the first to implement telemedicine, collaborating with ophthalmologists to provide patients with the highest quality of medical care. In addition to this, he uses the newest and most advanced technologies to ensure his practice is up-to-date.

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Eye Drs. Urging checkups during World Glaucoma Week –

Optometrist Dr. Micheal Dennis urges residents in Prince George and around the globe to get their eyes checked in light of Glaucoma Awareness Week.

Local optometrist Dr. Michael Dennis calls glaucoma a “fairly common” disease, affecting around 400,000 Canadians.

“The problem with glaucoma is that over half the people that have it don’t know they have it,” he says. “So there are more people, but those are the diagnosed people, that 400,000.”

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