Optometry Students

If you are an optometry student currently enrolled in an accredited optometry program, your membership with BC Doctors of Optometry is FREE! We invite you to apply today to take advantage of the many benefits of student membership.

As a student member, you will benefit from

  • become part of a network of dedicated eye health professionals
  • apply for special rates for continuing education opportunities.
  • receive timely information on the issues that affect you
  • access resources that can help you excel as a health professional

Membership can give you a head start in building your new practice, connect you with other Doctors of Optometry and help you stay current on the information and the issues that matter most to you.

Optometry as a Career

Optometrists are highly trained, university-educated health care professionals. Students who wish to obtain a Doctor of Optometry (OD) designation must complete a Doctor of Optometry program that is either four or five years in length, preceded by two to four years of science-based undergraduate training.

There are two Schools of Optometry in Canada: an English language program at the University of Waterloo and a French language program at the University of Montreal. Some Canadian students complete their optometric training at Schools of Optometry in the United States.

All practising optometrists are licensed by their Provincial regulatory body in the same manner as other health professions.

If you are interested in learning more, the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) website provides information about Canadian and American Schools of Optometry.

Optometrists from outside Canada

The CAO website provides information for foreign practitioners who wish to practice in Canada.

Optometric Staff Program

Staff working in an optometric practice and sponsored by a member optometrist are invited to join the Optometric Staff Program. Enrollment is open to all optometric assistants, opticians and office staff and offers a range of benefits.

Complete the OSP Application Form and join today!

Becoming an Optometric Assistant

If you’re interested in becoming an optometric assistant, the CAO website also provides details on this career.

If you have questions about membership, please contact us directly at 604-737-9907 or info@optometrists.bc.ca.