BC Doctors of Optometry are a primary source for all of your vision, eye health and eyewear needs. An optometrist is trained to help you maintain good vision and manage natural changes related to aging or conditions such as astigmatism and glaucoma. Our members also specialize in diagnosing, treating, managing and preventing problems within the visual system, can prescribe medications, and provide emergency care for some injuries.

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Your Eye Health

Good vision is about making good choices.

Your best choice is to see your Doctor of Optometry for a routine eye exam to ensure good vision and eye health.

Find more prevention information and learn about urgent eye care in our Eye Health Library.

Eye Exams for Adults and Seniors

For adults, a regular eye exam is an important part of maintaining your overall health and making your vision last a lifetime. Without an eye exam, critical health issues can be overlooked until it’s too late.

Learn more about common vision conditions and eye exams for adults and seniors.

Children’s Vision

Since 80 per cent of a child’s learning is based on vision, excellent sight and eye health are critical to a child’s development.

Learn about eye health and exam frequency for infants, preschoolers, and school-age children, and check out our children’s vision programs: a-b-See™ for preschoolers and Eye See … Eye Learn® for kindergarten students.

Vision screening is not enough

Unlike an optometric eye exam, screenings do not test for common vision conditions or assess eye health. While school vision screenings provide a valuable service, they are inadequate.

A thorough eye examination includes:

  • A review of your child’s health and vision history.
  • Tests for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, colour perception, lazy eye, crossed-eyes, eye co-ordination, depth perception and focusing ability.
  • An eye health examination.

Because a change in vision can occur without you or your child realizing it, have your child’s eyes examined every year. Your care and concern for your child’s vision can enrich his or her future while helping develop eye care habits for a lifetime of good vision. Contact your local Doctor of Optometry today.

Eye Exam vs. Sight Test

A sight test is not a proper eye exam and is not performed by a trained and licensed professional. A Doctor of Optometry can examine, diagnose, treat, manage and help prevent diseases and disorders affecting the visual system, the eye and related structures, as well as check an individual’s prescription and prescribe eyewear.

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