a-b-See™ is a children’s vision program for preschoolers.

The purpose of the program is to increase awareness and to educate parents and guardians and preschool educators about the importance of comprehensive eye exams.

Resources have been developed to provide parents and educators information on common eye diseases and disorders and common eye problem warning signs.

Online Games for Kids

Our fun, interactive online games will teach your child about the importance of eye health, engage them in creative play, test their hand-eye co-ordination and observational skills, and help you identify potential vision problems. However, these games are no substitute for the advice of your doctor of optometry.

Play Games

Eye Health Brochures

For tips on how to detect symptoms of visual disorders and diseases in your child, download our Your Child’s Eye Health brochure.

Resources for Teachers

As a teacher, you can play a big part in detecting visual conditions in the children under your care.

  • Teacher orientation letter
    This introductory letter provides information on the a-b-See™ program and the role you can play in helping to promote children’s eye health.
  • An essential eye-care guide for teachers
    This guide provides critical information on eye exams, vision therapy, eye diseases and disorders, warning signs and first aid. It also contains information on a-b-See™ activities for children, and a list of selected story books focused on eye issues.