Resources for Teachers

As a teacher, you can play a big part in detecting visual conditions in the children in your care—conditions that can hinder learning, play and how they look at the world. Child care, preschool and kindergarten teachers can be the first to detect early symptoms of some eye problems among children.

Did you know that one in five children entering school has a vision disorder? One in six children has been misdiagnosed with a learning disability when in fact they have a correctable vision problem. It is critical to identify and address vision problems early, since 80 per cent of a child’s learning is based on vision during these formative years.

In your own classroom, you may have children who show the warning signs for visual conditions, including:

  • Holding objects too close
  • Avoiding puzzles, picture books or other near-distance work
  • Covering one eye when looking at something up close
  • Complaining of headaches, blurred or double vision, or burning, itching eyes
  • Poor eye-hand co-ordination

The a-b-See™ campaign gives teachers the information they need to educate themselves, their students and the students’ parents about the importance of children’s eye health to their social, physical and intellectual growth.

a-b-See™ is a program of the British Columbia Association of Optometrists, supported by Essilor.

Together with Essilor Vision Foundation

Resources available by mail

BCAO and sponsor Essilor Canada (through the Essilor Vision Foundation) are distributing fun and informative a-b-See™ kits to preschools and child-care centres province-wide. Each kit contains a teacher’s orientation letter, activity sheets and materials for your students, and “Your Child’s Eye Health” brochures for parents. You can request a complimentary a-b-See™ kit by completing the order form and e-mailing it to, or printing the form and faxing it to 604-737-9967.

A limited number of French language and French immersion a-b-See™ kits are available through special order. You can request these by e-mailing

Downloadable resources

An expanded range of a-b-See™ kit components are now available online. Everything from in-class activities to take-home information for parents and an essential eye-care guide for teachers can now be downloaded and printed from this web page.

Teacher resources

Teacher orientation letter
This introductory letter provides information on the a-b-See™ program and the role you can play in helping to promote children’s eye health.

An essential eye-care guide for teachers
This booklet provides critical information on eye exams, vision therapy, eye diseases and disorders, warning signs and first aid. It also contains information on a-b-See™ activities for children, and a list of selected story books focused on eye issues.

Parents’ information pamphlet

Your Child’s Eye Health is a pamphlet for parents containing important information about their child’s eye health, including information about children’s eye exams, common eye conditions and the warning signs of vision problems. The pamphlet is available in English, French and five other languages:

Your Child’s Eye Health

Your Child’s Eye Health (French)

Your Child’s Eye Health (Simplified Chinese)

Your Child’s Eye Health (Punjabi)

Your Child’s Eye Health (Spanish)

Your Child’s Eye Health (Filipino)

Your Child’s Eye Health (Vietnamese)

Children’s activities

Googley Eyes Activity
This colouring activity is the perfect opportunity to discuss safety issues and how important eyes are.

Eye-deas Activities
This activity sheet includes three fun vision-related activities that can be played with items commonly available in any classroom.

Colouring Safari Activity
This colouring activity is full of exotic birds, fish and animals.