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The EyeLearn Program

EyeLearn is a children’s vision program that focuses on outreach and education of key stakeholders regarding the importance of vision for learning, the value of a comprehensive eye examination, and modern children’s vision needs including screen time recommendations.

Early Eye Care is Important!

Children’s vision has a direct impact on success at school, on the playground, and on the sports field, which makes annual comprehensive eye exams an important part of your child’s health care routine.

All children ages 0-18 who reside in BC are eligible for eye examinations, and MSP will help contribute to either all or a portion of the examination cost (depending on the clinic visited).

When should we visit our Doctor of Optometry?

Baby’s First Visit between 6-9 months old
2-19 years annually for children ages 2 and up

When should we visit our Doctor of Optometry?

Babies first visit
between 6-9 months old

2-19 years
annual eye exam

Tell Me About Screen Time!

This year has changed our habits as we learned to do more activities online and increased our screen time for school, social and extracurricular activities.

Follow these simple tips to help manage screen time outside of school hours:

  • Get up and take a complete screen break every 20 minutes
  • Ensure screens are a forearm’s length away
  • No screen time less than (or within) 1 hour before bedtime
  • Outdoor time is encouraged over screen time to increase eye health and reduce the progression of myopia
  • Screen time outside of school hours should be less than 2 hours per day for ages 5-18, less than 1 hour per day for ages 2-5 and none for < age 2

Find a Doctor

Our clinics are open for virtual and in-person appointments. BC Doctors of Optometry are available throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Find your nearest doctor now

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