Doctors of optometry ensure your glasses and contact lenses properly correct your vision and attend to your eye health needs, as well as suit your fashion sense. A doctor of optometry will offer a wide variety of frame, lens and contact lens styles and brands. However, not all glasses or contact lenses are created equal. Some eyeglass lenses provide clearer vision; some are more scratch or impact resistant. Contact lenses come in different sizes, shapes and materials that can provide greater comfort, allow more oxygen to your eyes, or provide a better fit.

Buying your eyewear from a doctor of optometry will ensure your glasses and contacts are professionally fitted to provide optimal vision, comfort and eye health. Contact lenses that don’t fit correctly, or are not properly used and cared for, can cause serious damage to your eyes. Your prescription, provided by your doctor of optometry, is only one piece of information that is used to determine the final composition of, and how well you see with, your new eyewear. During the normal process of selecting and being properly fitted for your new eyeglasses, your doctor of optometry will determine a number of things to make sure your new purchase is properly custom made to give you clear and comfortable vision, while ensuring sure you look great.

Please be aware of the many risks associated with purchasing contact lenses or glasses online. A study found that almost half of eyewear ordered online failed at least one parameter of optical or impact testing. Working with your doctor of optometry from the initial optometric eye exam to the final fitting ensures you receive accurate, quality-manufactured eyewear best suited for your eyes and your lifestyle.