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  • What is diabetic retinopathy?

    What is diabetic retinopathy?
  • Can diabetes-related eye problems be prevented?

    Can diabetes-related eye problems be prevented?
  • BC Doctors of Optometry Television Commercial

    BC Doctors of Optometry Television Commercial
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  • Edward’s Story

    Edward's school struggles and coordination were misdiagnosed as ADD. Watch his story to find out how treatment from a Doctor of Optometry helped change his life.
  • Rachel’s Story

    Find out how a Doctor of Optometry helped diagnose Rachel with a serious health issue that was affecting more than her vision.
  • Children’s Vision and Eye Exams

    You know your child inside out, but there is one thing you can't know and that is how well they see.
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  • Back To School Countdown

    You’re rushing to get the last set of crayons off the shelf; trying to get all your child’s clothes from the same department store; arranging carpools with the neighbours – but have you booked your child’s annual eye exam yet? Parents spend the end of their August…

  • Overlooking Our Vision

    BC Doctor of Optometry, Cameron McCrodan, participated in TEDxVictoria last December, and shared the numerous aspects of sight that are simply overlooked. He discusses the importance…

  • The Truth Behind Blue Light

    Do you ever notice a slight headache, find yourself squinting, or feel some eyestrain after using digital devices? It could be stemming from HEV light, better known as blue light.

  • Reading Myths Debunked

    Trying to get through that summer book list, but having trouble with the small print? Or getting a headache from reading in the dark? Below we debunk some of the most common myths related to reading and vision…

  • Optometry in the News – July 2015

    With summer in full force, Doctors of Optometry around the country have been interviewed on TV, by newspapers and heard on the radio, educating Canadians on the importance of UV protection for your eyes, and proper sunglass use. Take a read…

  • Cute alert! 10 month old Piper can see for the first time.

    Imagine what your reaction would like if you were seeing the world clearly for the first time just like Piper! We can’t resist the beaming smile on this little ones face. Piper was 10 months old when her Doctor…