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  • Should you ever stare directly at the sun?

    Should you ever stare directly at the sun?
  • Will sitting too close to the TV damage your vision?

    Will sitting too close to the TV damage your vision?
  • Is reading in dim light harmful for you?

    Is reading in dim light harmful for you?
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  • Children’s Vision and Eye Exams

    You know your child inside out, but there is one thing you can't know and that is how well they see.
  • Edward’s Story

    Edward's school struggles and coordination were misdiagnosed as ADD. Watch his story to find out how treatment from a Doctor of Optometry helped change his life.
  • Rachel’s Story

    Find out how a Doctor of Optometry helped diagnose Rachel with a serious health issue that was affecting more than her vision.
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  • Optometry in the News – October 2015

    Last month we wrapped up Children’s Vision Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness of the impact that undiagnosed vision problems can have on a child’s learning and development.

  • November is Diabetes Awareness Month

    With an estimated 3.4 million Canadians living with diabetes, this disease has likely impacted you directly or affected someone you know. What many people don’t realize, is that diabetes can damage many parts of the eye – from your…

  • Are cosmetic contacts really that bad for my eyes?

    Did you know your eyes may be at risk this Halloween? Many devoted Halloween enthusiasts dress up in elaborate costumes, topped off with coloured or cosmetic contacts – these can…

  • Children’s Vision Month Contest

    If you haven’t already heard, October is Children’s Vision Month, and although it’s winding down there is always time to become educated on the importance of children’s vision.

  • Women’s History Month

    In addition to it being Children’s Vision Month and Canadian Library Month, it is also Women’s History Month – a month to celebrate the contributions women and girls have made throughout our country’s great history.

  • Canadian Library Month

    October is a great time for you and your young one to brush up on some reading! Not only is it Children’s Vision Month, but it’s also Canadian Library Month. With the weather getting cooler and the days getting shorter, there is no…