Often ocular migraines can start with a visual disturbance, followed by a throbbing headache. These disturbances don’t always occur for all people, but if you are driving and you see zigzags, flickering lights or enlarging blind spots, pull over as a safety precaution until the visual disturbance goes away.

For most, the typical treatment usually entails over-the-counter pain medications. For people who have frequent migraines, it is recommended to keep a log book to keep track of certain foods that have been known to trigger migraines. Some of these are: cheese, red wine, smoked meats, chocolate and caffeinated drinks. Also, make note of the number of hours of sleep you get per night and times of emotional stress, as these patterns can also be helpful in determining possible triggers to your migraines. Remember, it’s important to call your optometrist whenever you experience unusual visual symptoms to rule out sight-threatening conditions that require immediate attention.