Help your child see their full potential. When it comes to your child’s vision, what could be more important?

Approximately 1 in 4 school-age children has an undetected vision problem. Children rarely complain of vision problems since they don’t realize that they see the world differently from others.

Our children’s vision programs and our newest eye health mascot, Opie, educate children, parents, teachers and family doctors about the importance of getting children’s eyes examined and provide resources and materials to keep children’s eyes healthy.

Introducing EyeLearn, your new Children’s vision program

EyeLearn is a children’s vision program that focuses on outreach and education of key stakeholders regarding the importance of vision for learning, the value of a comprehensive eye examination, and modern children’s vision needs including screen time recommendations.

Meet Opie

With his high eye-Q, Opie will be appearing with some very important messages about eye health for you and the kids.

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EyeLearn Objectives
  1. Increase awareness/education of the impacts of remote or virtual learning on children’s vision and what we can do in terms of prevention.
  2. Information/education regarding the importance of healthy screen time habits and healthy environmental habits during COVID times.
  3. Increase awareness of the importance of vision and how this impacts children’s learning among teachers, allied health professionals and the public.

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Pre-school Program

a-b-See™ is a children’s vision program for preschoolers. The purpose of the program is to increase awareness and to educate parents, guardians and preschool educators about the importance of comprehensive eye exams.

Resources have been developed to provide parents and educators with information on common eye diseases and disorders and common eye problem warning signs.

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